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Work Product, Inc. is a litigation support service firm employing over 30 years of legal and data processing experience serving all facets of e-discovery, copying, scanning and document management.  We possess some of the industry's top legal technology in order to offer our clients the most current industry specific tools and software available.


Our purpose is to provide our clients with a high quality of work combined with a level of service that goes above and beyond, so that those firms can achieve their highest potential.  By doing such, we believe this will ensure confidence and help our clients become more efficient and cost effective.


Discovery has become much more intricate with the volume of, not only paper information, but the forever increasing volume of electronic data.  This requires law firms and their clients to become more reliant on litigation support organizations to help guide them through the collecting, culling and producing phases of a case.  Work Product's goal is to fulfill such requests.


Work Product's litigation support consultants will assist you and your firm's litigation support department to provide seamless integration of electronic or paper-based documents for all phases of discovery, from review to production. Our technical staff can generate custom data solutions to best suit the nuances of your particular case along with the ability to generate output compatible with virtually any document review tool available.


Work Product can also provide a variety of both on-site support and web based hosting services to further suit your firm's document review needs.





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